Executive Summary


Executive Summary


The Cure is Now was founded in 2008 and formally incorporated in 2009 with a mission to applyemerging and advanced technology socalled “singularitylevel”technology to medicine. The Cure is Now will accomplish this by administering programs that will enable the establishment & operation of aworldclassresearch facility with hundreds of dedicated scientists, whose discoveries will be deliveredto patients through personalized medicine and other breakthrough techniques. Over the course of ourrapidly evolving history, The Cure is Now has developed operational programs of awarenesscampaigns, educational initiatives and scientific research. More recently, our work has included apartnership with the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine,specifically with Drs. Stephen Badylak & Alan Russell, leaders in Regenerative Medicine. Ourorganization strives to continue to develop its capacity to forge partnerships, build resources, as well asexpanding our outreach capabilities.

While this activity will prove extremely valuable, it accounts for a relatively small portion of our work.The Cure is Now’s core strength and most visible and celebrated work has been the development ofprograms and the coordination of our Scientific, Medical and Technology Advisory Boards andCommittees. The Cure is Now currently faces the strategic challenge of using our strengths to meetidentified needs and build missiondrivenprograms that advance the goals of finding cures.

Through consulting with our boards and committees who are established and recognized leaders inacademic and corporate research, we have completed a strategic planning process. We nowunderstand the precise needs of those The Cure is Now serves, we can accurately reflect onstakeholder perceptions of our contributions and core competencies, define our responses to the issuesidentified as most critical over the next three to five years and can take the preparatory steps to achieveour longterm,10yeargoal. The key objective of the planning process has been to clarify how and where to best use The Cure is Now’s strengths and to identify and correct any shortcomings. Relentlesspeer review allows us to calibrate our course on the most realistic trajectory that will yield tangible,concrete and measurable results.

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Drawing on the results and recommendations from our datagatheringprocesses as well as intenseselfexaminationat all levels of the organization, the The Cure is Now Boards and staff have developedthe FY 20142020strategic plan as a guide for action and organizational transformation. An ExecutiveSummary of this strategic plan follows:


We have concluded that The Cure is Now’s future success is contingent on a bold and ambitiousdeclaration of our role and responsibility as a leader in bringing together emerging technologies tocombat diseases at the root level. Success in the years ahead will be measured by our ability to”focus for impact” as we work towards finding cures in a more timely fashion.Our programs must become lasting in their impact, focused on identified need, and fully integrated,utilizing all our experience, expertise and knowledge of our boards, committees and staff. Our datagathering has shown that sustainability, accountability and demonstrated results will be essential to theeffective implementation of our program activities. All our future programs must build upon The Cure is Now’s reputation as a highly regarded scientific research leader by managing programs designed tofurther scientific discovery. We will be cautious to properly vet all research programs via scientific peerreview, and avoid dubious pursuits that lack credibility & promise.Over the next three years, The Cure is Now aims to build on our leadership role in emerging andadvanced technologies and scientific research. We will become a proactive initiator directlyguiding and monitoring our targeted programs with observable results. The Cure is Now is activelysoliciting donations in support of our programs and the expressed needs of our partners. We are afacilitator of leaders working to advance common goals, and use our voice to foster a broadawareness of our findings. We draw on our relationships, partnerships, and alliances to achieve ourcore strategies and advance our vision and mission in accordance with our values.

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The core directions of our FY 20142020 strategic plan are to build our organization’s capacity to growreliably and consistently. The Cure is Now stands on the threshold of transformational change. OurBoards and staff have outlined exciting and challenging strategies to further align our organization as alead agent in the breakthrough of medical discoveries, delivering more effective services. They are:

    ¨ Programdrivenactivities that integrate our capabilities.
    ¨ Strengthened relationships in technology and industry to enhance impact.
    ¨ Mobilize scientific leaders around common goals and interests.
    ¨ Build on our identity and associated relationships to maximize results.
    ¨ Align our systems, infrastructure, & communications in support of ourstrategic plan.

The Cure is Now is a programdriven organization, with all other organizational functions supportingcore, program activities. Success in this model requires The Cure is Now to develop gamechangingbreakthroughs that will help combat many diseases. The Cure is Now is not aiming to cure the entirespectrum of diseases; this is unrealistic. The organization however, is confident that the technologies itdoes develop will be directly utilized by the scientific and medical community. The Cure is Now willprovide longterm,sustainable research in selected locations throughout the world that will aidtreatments, improve diagnostic tools and enhance cures. Most importantly, The Cure is Now is notduplicating the efforts of any organization in this respect, and this distinguishing factor is why The Cureis Now is so vitally needed. We are the organization that will open the doorway to a new era in medicaldeliverables and our discoveries will benefit disease focused NGOs, hospitals and medical practitionerseverywhere.


To begin this important transformation, The Cure is Now Boards and staff have developed externalvision and mission statements to anchor The Cure is Now’s activities well into the 21st century.

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Establish a worldclassresearch facility through the application ofemerging and advanced technologies in partnership with dedicatedscientists to facilitate medical discoveries.

This vision statement describes the future of medical & scientific trends and it articulates The Cure isNow’s core commitments and beliefs: that further bringing together technology and medicine willexpedite the process of finding cures.


Through Advanced and Emerging Technology, The Cure is Now willdevelop breakthrough treatments, medicine and cures for diseases thatwill be delivered to the public through personalized medicine.

This statement describes The Cure is Now’s business, and reflects the organization’s philosophicalbeliefs, which are grounded in the need to find novel cures. It highlights the importance of collaboration,declares our presence in medical service work and emphasizes one of our founding principles thatThe Cure is Now will bring together technology and medicine to deliver personalized treatment to thepublic.

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While The Cure is Now is focused on three programs, our research will have the greatest impact onsociety. The Cure is Now is targeting technology and research that will address a host of diseases.For example, our work in neurological and brain research not only could benefit older patients withAlzheimer’s disease or other diseases of aging, but could also help the brain of a young child with atraumatic brain injury. Our partnership with the McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine is alreadysupporting neurogenesis research and this is only the beginning.

The Cure is Now has three programmatic initiatives. Awareness Campaigns, Educational Initiatives andResearch.

Our Awareness Campaigns utilize the following key systems:

  • Informational Kiosks
  • Community Outreach Vehicles
  • We Are the Cure musical benefit album
  • Print and word of mouth distribution
  • Multimedia such as television and radio ads
  • Internet Marketing Campaigns

Our Education Initiatives will utilize these strategies:

  • Educational Film
  • Research Publications


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Research Programs:
The Cure is Now has a broad and ambitious goal of discovering cures for acquired, congenital anddevelopmental diseases. What follows is an outline of our short, medium and longtermplans termedphases:∙

    Phase 1 – Begin funding independent research and establishing a research, leadership & coordination center.∙
   Phase 2 – Build and staff small research cells. There will be four to start with: one in New Yorkbecause it is poised to become a biotechnologicalhub, and is one of the financial centers of the world,one in Cambridge, MA because it is an academic center, one in Silicon Valley because it is a technologysector incubator, and an Advanced Research Facility, which will operate overseas specifically so that itcan legally, morally & ethically operate outside of draconian political agendas and other practicalrestrictions, while respecting human rights and human life. Locations would include Africa and/or theCaribbean for clinical trials. Additionally Eastern Europe has demonstrated itself as a cost effectiveplace to conduct research with welleducated,qualified and capable scientists that would offersignificant and substantial savings while maintaining the high quality of research results and data capture.∙
   Phase 3 – Build, staff and manage a worldclassresearch facility in New York City, firstlybecause New York is a strategically beneficial location and secondly because of the continued initiativesto establish New York as a biotech hub with advantages that only New York City can offer. Ancillaryfacilities that are not required to be at a central city hub will be located in less expensive areas. Guidedby our research methodology, our lead scientists will work toward novel treatments and medicines tohelp us live longer, healthy lives.We will hone and focus our scientific research through drilling down to the “root level” via these fourresearch approaches:∙
  Curiosity Driven Research – TheCure is Now will fund scientific investigators and theirteams who are called to research aspects of disease pathology, biological systems, or biotechnologicalmechanisms. This type of research will yield enhanced understanding, deepened knowledge,unpredictable, long term, and widelydispersedsocial and medical benefit.∙
  Applied Research – Researchfunded by The Cure is Now will lead to direct medicalapplications such as enhanced treatments, targeted gene therapy, technologybasedsolutions and more.∙
   Synergistic Research – Thisunique kind of research will be aimed at linking and connectingdifferent kinds of science and technology. For example, how can stemcellresearch be connected withbrainmachineinterface technology or how can nanotechnology be employed in Alzheimer’s research? The Cure is Now will be the lines in between the dots. These kinds of questions will be answered by scientists at The Cure is Now.∙
   Not yetknown Research The Cure is Now understands that the kind of research it willsupport undoubtedly will lead to entirely new fields and forms of research. The Cure is Now willselectively support these as well.

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A spirit of collaboration exists within the walls of The Cure is Now. Guided by our mission to savelives and extend healthy human life, any and all partnerships and collaboration that helps us achieve thisgoal are welcome. We have identified leaders in many fields of emerging medicine and have partneredwith them as members of our advisory boards. We are aggregating their work and are currentlydeveloping funding operations that will make a meaningful impact on their research, which in turn willfacilitate novel treatments, medicines and cures. This is part of our Phase 1 plan, which is wellunderway. From here we are moving onto Phases 2 and 3, and ultimately into distribution. During Phase1 research, partnerships with aligned Universities, Hospitals, Institutes, Corporations and N.G.O.’s, aswell as Government will be critical to fulfilling our mission.

To provide an effective foundation for accomplishing these strategic goals, The Cure is Now will needto align our systems, infrastructure and communications with our plans. We will devote carefullymanaged time and resources to augmenting our internal capacity to meet our commitments. This effortwill include increasing and diversifying funding requests and pursuing innovative funding approaches todevelop new opportunities. Drawing on the best models and market practices, The Cure is Now willalso implement improvements in resource management and internal operations to build a highly effectiveorganization.

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We need the Cures. The Time is Now. The Cure is Now!