The Cure Is Now is a science & technology advocacy and research organization. Our goal is applying new technologies to a variety of medical problems. One of our many programs is to develop, adapt and converge disparate technologies in brilliant and innovative ways that will result in breakthrough medical solutions. We are not so bold as to think that we can solely tackle all of the diseases in the world, when thousands of other organizations have failed to do so collectively, it is precisely the opposite. We are the only medical research & advocacy organization with specific programs that are developing the technologies that other organizations will be able to utilize to achieve their individual missions. Just like small pox and polio were eradicated because of technological advancements, other diseases will eventually be eliminated too. Breakthrough technological opportunities are just now unfolding before us, and the next several years ahead will be the fulcrum where a fundamental paradigm-shift occurs and The Cure is Now is planning to take advantage of this event to cure previously incurable diseases. This website offers clear, detailed and unambiguous information, including specifics on our plan and the details of programs that will be utilized to achieve our goal, as it is stated in our mission statement: the elimination of disease through advancing and emerging technologies. We Need The Cures, The Time Is Now, The Cure Is Now! Here is a partial list of advancing and emerging technologies that we believe, when combined and matured, are critical to helping us reach our goal:

The Cure Is Now equates using yesterday's medical approaches to still trying to land men on the moon using Appolo rockets: primitive technologies, and that is why you have literally thousands of entities around the world constantly trying, and failing. The Cure Is Now is not trying to be all things to all people and tackle the unrealistic task of curing dozens of diseases simultaneously. Rather, The Cure Is Now is interested in helping to advocate for and support research and development in a combination of emerging and advanced technologies which, when combined in the future will give medical practitioners the tools they need to eliminate these diseases. The Cure Is Now would like to accelerate the pace of this process by utilizing its 3 core programs: Awareness Campaigns, Educational Initiatives and Scientific Research. Here is a partial list of emerging and advancing technologies we believe, when combined and matured are critical to achieving our goals: