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Disease is a political, medical, social, and economic issue in today’s society. Life and death decisions about disease are made every day, not just in doctor’s offices, but in Congress and Senate alike. We want lawmakers and lobbyists nationwide to hear loud and clear that curing disease is a top priority of the American people.

Below are examples of how advocacy changed laws and made history:

  • Fact: Organizations like ours rely heavily on donations and investors in order to make progress. 
  • Fact: Equal Employment Law passed in 1972 cannot discriminate based on medical conditions. (
  • Fact: Seventeen states boast 100% smoke-free environments in various places such as workplaces, restaurants & bars. States with such regulations include: New York, Oregon, New Jersey, and Maine, and thousands of communities are smoke-free, including restaurants and bars in California, Florida and Texas, as a result of advocacy. . (
  • Fact: Nebraska’s Advocacy Services, Inc. have helped fight against abuse and neglect towards people with mental illnesses. (
  • Fact: “Women in Government” organization is always fighting for new causes and issues. Advocacy never stops being important. (
    These are just a few reasons why disease becomes a political issue - because it effects everybody in everyday life. From the local city council to the U.S. Congress, The Cure Is Now will be engaged with elected and appointed officials to ensure that disease remains a top local, state and national priority. Through advocacy we can come together and can be successful in eliminating suffering and death due to disease. Passing legislation that supports disease research is a challenging process that requires active participation by our volunteers, and we will never quit until the mission is achieved.