Community Outreach Vehicles

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Here are some pictures of The Cure Is Now‘s outreach vehicles. Members from The Cure Is Now have placed promotional magnets & decals on their cars, motorcycles, – and someone even put it on their moped! Every little bit will help, and we sincerely appreciate your participation. If you think of how many cars you see per day in your normal commute or errand running, etc., think of that times thousands of other people- that’s a big number! Mass production of this affect is what advertisers like to call “reach” – because you are literally reaching a large amount of people.

Another term in the advertising industry is: “impression.” Every time a person lays eyes on a graphic affixed to a vehicle or other object, it makes an impression. Our goal with these graphics is to get the maximum number of impressions with the largest possible reach in numerous market areas. Advertising on commercially available places (billboards & magazines, etc…) can cost 10s of thousands of dollars a month! We believe we can accomplish close to the same thing by having similar graphics on privately owned vehicles, thus allowing more of our advertising money to be put into research labs.

Special note: Please consult your local DMV for laws regarding vehicle graphics on windows. We cannot offer legal advice, however we are of the opinion that so long as stickers or graphics are not put on the windshield, drivers side front window, or passenger side front window, they are not creating a dangerous and illegal obstruction. Also, The Cure Is Now cannot accept liability for damaged cost to vehicle paint. We recommend putting it on the windows where it can be scraped off with a flat razor.

If you have pictures of you and your vehicle, we would love for you to submit them in the Share Your Story section.