Join Our Think Tank

The T.C.I.N. Think Tank is the arm of our organization that performs research concerning various topics, and provides strategic counseling on a range of issues.  Areas of focus include: legal theories, policy, economics, technology, and planning, among other areas.  Our Think Tank is privately funded as one of T.C.I.N.’s projects. Our Think Tank has no political affiliations; we are interested in results only. The Think Tank is a small group of volunteers who interact regularly to exchange ideas, expertise, and recommendations in order to solve problems and react to opportunities. The intent is to create and disseminate reliable conclusions on leadership and infrastructure. We meet in person or, preferably, online. This eliminates the expense of traveling both in time & money, and allows us to easily collaborate with bright minds all over the world. The Cure Is Now Think Tank utilizes a collaborative work environment, for example: we utilize Skype group video calling. Together we can continue evolving mankind on the path to achieving our mission. Please fill out the questions below and click the submit button to send us your responses. This will help us to evaluate your application and see if you qualify to join our Think Tank. Our review is not limited to only those who are highly educated with multiple PhD’s. We realize that Orville and Wilbur Wright were merely bicycle mechanics. We are always looking for brilliant people to collaborate with!