One Thousand Strong!

Every movement has a core group of people that are the driving force of their mission, and can be depended on “no matter what”. They understand the goals and know what has to be done. They don’t just “talk about it”. They DO something about it! These individuals have the conviction and staying power to make things happen no matter what the adversity. They survive beyond trends and fads, long after distractions & competing priorities threaten to derail focus. For The Cure Is Now, this is a group known as: “ONE THOUSAND STRONG” These 1,000 key donors have good reason to believe & support the promises of hyper-advanced speculative & emerging technologies that can be combined and evolved to transform medicine from where it is today into where it should be tomorrow.

Together we can help develop medical treatments to improve the lives of every man, woman & child in the world. Join us, and make a pledge to be a pillar of strength that underwrites mankind’s launch into a medical transcendence to the future! We need the Cures. The time is Now. The Cure Is Now. Below you will find a form that you can fill out to make a recurring donation to support our programs and operations. We offer several choices for you to choose a donation amount that you can commit to. Thank you for your support.