Participate In Events

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Participate In EventsWe are looking for help from the online community for ideas and material support to help us launch and operate events. If you are any type of business owner and feel that you can help The Cure Is Now throw a fundraising event of some sort, please send an email to and tell us your idea! For example, if you own a bowling alley, perhaps we can use your venue for a “Strikes Against Cancer” event. Or, if you own a restaurant, and you know there is a certain night of the week that is usually slow, we would be happy to use your location for a fundraising dinner party. Or even if you are a student reading this, you could organize a bake sale at your school. Perhaps you work in the marketing department of a major corporation, and would like to sponsor one of our programs. We eagerly anticipate your ideas! It really is simple to become your own fundraiser. Please use the events calendar for planning purposes and to avoid scheduling conflicts. Once we have your event, we will upload it for everyone to see.