In-Kind Donations

Donation Options:

Before making your donation, please consider the following:

  • All shipping costs and customs fees for the donation must be paid by the donor.
  • Detailed description of the donation must be provided to The Cure Is Now.
  • Donors should sign an in-kind donation agreement available through our office.

Please contact for any additional information. We sincerely thank you for your support



What is an in-kind contribution?



An in-kind contribution is a non-cash input which can be given a cash value.



Here are some examples of in-kind contributions:


  • A local community “loans” a school or a church to a literacy program for classroom space.
  • A government agency donates some paper to print books.
  • A consultant donates his time to your program.
  • A taxi company donates the use of its taxis at no cost or at a cost below market.

Please click on this icon of the USA map for detailed State registration information on The Cure Is Now in your respective state.



The Cure Is Now is a quickly growing organization that is expanding to cover every city and state in the United States of America. We want to make sure that we are always in compliance with the rules, regulations and laws governing Charitable Organizations. Therefore, we must insist that you please check the map of the united states to see if you are in a state that we are registered in to conduct operations. If we are, you are invited to make a donation and participate in our projects. If we are in a state where our registration is pending, please email us at to ask us if you can legally make a donation, as our status might have been updated before our website has. If we are not registered in your state, we cannot accept a donation from you at this time, however, we ask that you contact us to let us know that you are interested in working with us. Should we get enough inquiries from a particular state, it then makes sense for us to accelerate our efforts to expand operations into that state. We thank you in taking care to make sure that we continue to be a highly rated organization that maintains the highest standards of compliance.


In-Kind Donations:

Donations of goods and services are extremely valuable to The Cure Is Now. This type of charitable donation can be made by individuals or organizations and ranges anywhere from an automobile to office equipment, printer paper, silent auction items, office spaces, or consulting services. Although they are often welcome assets, grantees must be sure to document them properly. The Cure Is Now depends on generous donations from private citizens and businesses to continue it’s operations. Not all the contributions that keep our organizations running, however, are cash. “In-kind giving” refers to contributions of goods and services that are of value to our nonprofit organization. Businesses do it, corporations do it, and so do individual donors.

Some potential items and services that can be donated are:


If you are thinking of donating a used car or other vehicle, please visit the donate your vehicle section. There is no cost to you and you don’t have to live in New York City. When you donate a car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle to The Cure Is Now vehicle donation program, you are helping our organization fulfill it’s goals through it’s various programs. Your vehicle donation will help us find the cures, and give hope. The Cure Is Now Car donation process is quick, easy and efficient. Call the The Cure Is Now toll free number 1-877-870-CURE (2873) or process your vehicle donation online today! Simply donate on-line by printing the forms at the end of the donation wizard, submit the forms with your vehicle’s title and we will call you to coordinate the pick up of your vehicle.

Office Equipment:

The Cure Is Now greatly needs office equipment. Because of the temperamental nature of some office equipment, we only accept new factory sealed office equipment. (We have found that fixing an old photocopier, for example, is often more expensive than just buying a new one.) 


We welcome offers of pro-bono services in many areas, including design, construction, legal assistance for printing, mailing, and photography. If you would like to volunteer, please click here. 

Building Materials:

The Cure Is Now only accepts building materials approved by our construction department. Please donate new construction materials in quantity so that we can build our research facility. For information about donating construction equipment and materials, please Please email details of your suggested donation to:


We need hand tools in new condition, such as tape measures, screwdrivers, and hammers. Larger items, such as saws or tile cutters, etc.. are always welcome. 


We do not have the staff or facilities available for furniture or appliance pick-ups. Please contact other charitable organizations with your offers. 

Other items & services:

If there are any other items that you would like to donate, and would like to know if they are of any use to our organization, please email us at:

Please place an accurate value on your donation. Please make sure that you keep a record of what you give. Document everything with photographs if possible. Let our organization know the value of the in-kind donation, as we will need that information for grants, etc., as we must specify if we receive in-kind donations, and the value of these in-kind donations. Such record keeping is for your benefit as well as the charity’s, especially if you intend on writing off your donation. IRS Publication 561 explains how to determine the fair market value of your donation. If you’re thinking about donating a vehicle, keep an eye out for possible new legislation that may tighten valuation regulations.

Please don’t always assume your donation is tax deductible:

Not every in-kind donation is tax-deductible. Donated services, although often welcomed by organizations, generally cannot be written off. IRS Publication 526 outlines what types of donations can be deducted and how to claim a deduction.



If you have any legal or tax questions, you can have your financial advisor contact us at the following departments: