Major Gift & Other Programs

Major GiftMajor gifts Program

Major gifts provide the ongoing evolution and transformation that allow our organization to continually conduct the most cutting edge and successful research possible. If you are interested in exploring making a transformational gift to The Cure is Now, please contact our development office at (877) 870–CURE (2873) ext. 301. Alternatively, you can send an email to

Planned Giving Program

Below are some of our planned giving initiatives. If you have any questions about any of these planned giving options, please contact our development office at (877) 870–CURE (2873) ext. 301. Alternatively, you can send an email to


One of the simplest ways to support The Cure is Now’s future, a bequest provides a gift for The Cure Is Now in your will.


The Cure is Now recognizes and honors those friends of The Cure is Now who have made a commitment to the future of this institution by including The Cure is Now in their estate plans.

Charitable Gift Annuities

An agreement between you and The Cure is Now that provides you with regular fixed payments annually (an annuity) for life in exchange for transferring assets to The Cure is Now.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

This agreement between you and a trustee can provide fixed or variable income to meet your specific financial needs, at the termination of which the remaining assets are passed to The Cure is Now.

The Cure is Now Pooled Income Fund

This arrangement operates somewhat like a mutual fund, accepting gifts from many donors, managing them as a common fund, and providing variable annual income.

Charitable Lead Trusts

This agreement between you and a trustee provides income to The Cure is Now for a period of years, at the end of which the trust property typically passes to an heir.

Retirement Assets, Life Insurance, and Real Estate

Retirement, life insurance, and real estate assets may all be donated to The Cure is Now.

Capital Campaign

The Cure is Now is in the planning stages of a large capital campaign. This campaign will help us raise the necessary funds to ensure that a world class, research facility will be constructed and staffed with the brightest, most successful researchers, scientists, and support staff possible. It will also ensure that the The Cure is Now research programs will be of the highest quality that will result in advanced medicine and novel treatments. Stay tuned to learn more about this powerful and exciting fundraising campaign.