FAQQ: How can I make a donation in the honor/memory of a friend or loved one?

A: You can make a donation to The Cure Is Now in honor/memory of a friend or loved one. To do this, follow the instructions on our donate page. The person being honored, or the family of the person being memorialized, will receive a card from The Cure Is Now acknowledging your gift. In addition, The Cure Is Now will publish the names of those who are honored or memorialized this way in its newsletters. For additional information on this service, or any other aspect of donating to The Cure Is Now, please email us at info@thecureisnow.org.

Q:Why should I support The Cure Is Now?

A: The Cure Is Now uses donated dollars effectively to fund programs that truly make a difference. With a small but hard-working staff, we work on projects that would not be available if The Cure Is Now did not exist. Our core philosophy promotes the use of cutting edge technology to focus on root-level cures.

Q: How is The Cure Is Now funded?

A: The Cure Is Now relies on charitable giving and funding from multiple sources. Our support comes from private individuals, associations, foundations, and businesses who entrust us with cash and resources, so that we can fulfill our mission to help improve the health and lives of people around the world.

Q: How can I be assured my donation is going directly to people in need?

A: We commit to spending your donation in the most productive, efficient way possible. We have not and will not collect money for a specific incident or purpose with the intention of using it for other purposes.

Q: I am an individual seeking financial/medical assistance? Am I eligible?

A: The Cure Is Now does not provide assistance on an individual level. We sincerely apologize that we cannot do more to help you in your time of need and recommend that you consult www.charitynavigator.org or www.guidestar.org for other charities that offer individual assistance.

Q: I know of an organization I think The Cure Is Now can help. How may I request funding or assistance for my organization/health facility?

A: The Cure Is Now does not provide technical assistance or cash gifts, nor do we directly foster outside community projects. We recommend that you consult www.charitynavigator.org or www.guidestar.org for more information on how your organization can receive help. We are, however, interested in working with scientists, writers, researchers, and lab technicians on a more personal level. For more information, please visit our Careers page.

Q: How can I donate equipment to The Cure Is Now?

A: Please contact our donation coordinators at: info@thecureisnow.org, for complete instructions. We are interested in lab equipment, office equipment, scientific and computer equipment. Please let us know what you have and we will let you know if we can use it.

Q: Can I intern at / volunteer for The Cure Is Now?

A: Volunteers assist with a full range of administrative, clerical, research, and writing tasks, as well as in staffing special events. Currently, we are seeking volunteer and intern requests, and we are continually accepting inquiries. Our volunteer opportunities exist at our address in New York. If you are interested in becoming an intern or volunteer, please contact us at info@TheCureIsNow.org and a staff member will contact you to see how your talents might be put to use in our program. The Cure Is Now is unable to offer volunteer opportunities overseas or in disaster areas. In most situations, we do not coordinate accommodations.

Q: What is The Cure Is Now’s photo usage policy?

A: The Cure Is Now works with voluntary photographers who provide the organization with images to be used for The Cure Is Now publications and for its web site only. We ask that you please do not reuse or copy our images.