The Cure Is Now was founded because it addresses and wants to fill a need that is just not being filled. We are very dedicated to ethics, transparency, and clarity. It may very well be that you wound up at our site looking to donate an organization that serves a particular goal. For example, we do not provide boots and water filters to children in disaster areas. There are many other charities that are better equipped to do so, and we suggest that you go to or to find a charity that specifically helps with what you need. Some may think that we are crazy for steering interest away from our site, but we want to be completely open about what we do and what we do not do.

There is a tremendous amount of duplication in the philanthropy world. There are dozens of organizations doing the same thing, and we have chosen to fill a void that simply does not exist. At The Cure Is Now we specialize in those esoteric, highly specialized endeavors that are simply ignored by other organizations because they are too narrow, exotic, or don’t turn a profit for a pharmaceutical company. We are searching for solutions to highly complicated problems leveraging advanced technologies. Within the next 10 years or so, you will start to see a massive acceleration in human kind’s abilities. Due to the way science and technology are evolving, there will be a massive acceleration in all of these fields. We are positioning ourselves at the incubation stage of these technologies to maximize their returns and the ability of industries to convert them into medical cures, not just for the rich but for all mankind.

Please carefully review our site for more information on how we plan to accomplish this. If you still have questions we would love to answer them. Please contact us. If you are a scientist or a researcher please click on our link for the Science Advisory Board. If you are an expert in a particular field that you believe can help us please submit your Expert Opinion. If you are an attorney or some other type of public advocate please click on the Advocate link. Naturally we hope that we have not steered you away from our website, and if you feel that we are in fact filling a void in a world of need, please Donate Now.

The Cure Is Now is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

IRS Tax ID Number: 27-1503618