How are Donations Used?

The Cure Is Now endeavours to use donations as efficiently and effectively as possible to achieve its program goals. The Cure Is Now has established several priorities. These financial priorities are generally treated in the following order, and usually include:

  1. Programs expenses: Ultimately, the objective of The Cure Is Now is to fund its programs appropriately. The Cure Is Now is taking a two- pronged approach for the first phase of its Operating Programs, which include Awareness Campaigns, and Education Initiatives. This first phase of our operations is to get the word out about what our organization stands for, why our mission is important, and to educate the public on the various details of our vision, values, program summary and projects. The awareness campaigns are designed to inform the public about how the application of the technological singularity to medicine, will yield the cures to what have so far eluded western conventional medicine. These Awareness Campaigns will spur and foster Education Initiatives which will inform the public why this meme should become a social imperative. The public should understand that creating a prototype world class Research Facility, well funded and staffed, is likely the answer to many of our medical dreams. The second phase of The Cure Is Now programs revolves around scientific research and the construction and development of a world class research facility where on-going R&D efforts are conducted. Finally, The Cure Is Now endeavours to have many such advanced research facilities built in the image and likeness of the prototype research facility in major academic centers throughout the world. Our Organization is a strong believer in Transparency & Accountability. We publish Financial Information and Government Official Documents & on this website.
  2. Recruitment of Qualified Individuals: The Cure Is Now has a variety of operations that it conducts, and requires talented and capable people from all walks of life to commit themselves to them. Not all of the people who will work at The Cure Is Now are volunteers. Some of the individuals required would be full time personnel that make a career of working with us. As such, they need to be properly compensated according to The Department of labor and other regulatory agencies, just like any other enterprise. In order to get excellent people to work with our organization full time, we must be competitive in the marketplace.
  3. Operating Expenses: The Cure Is Now, though a non-profit organization, must none the less pay for its own operating expenses and over-head costs. The reality is that our organization operates as a corporation and has to comply with legal contracts, U.S. laws and regulations just like any other business does.
  4. Government Compliance: When running a not-for-profit organization there is a fiduciary responsibility, as well as moral and ethical concerns that must be addressed. This is a highly regulated government sector, and as such, the federal, state and local governments have laws and rules in place that dictate and govern certain activities. Often there is a lot of expense associated with meeting these government regulations and The Cure Is Now must always make sure that it is doing everything legally required to be in full compliance of the law. 
  5. Repayment of Loans: As a new Organization, funding is critical. The Cure Is Now sometimes has to take loans to conduct its operations, and needs to honor its obligations to make timely repayments. We prefer not to have to resort to this and it would be better to operate purely from donations & grants. You can help our organization achieve just that at this very moment. Please Donate Now.