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The Cure is Now donates world’s fastest microscope to The McGowan Institute

The Cure Is Now Badylak4/6/11 – The Cure Is Now recently obtained the world’s fastest, point and shoot, optical microscope called the nSpec®, an inspection device manufactured by Nanotronics Imaging. It was designed for high-resolution microscopy with particular application in measuring changes in cellular architecture, shape and defects. The nSpec® is on the cutting edge of microscope technology and will allow our scientists to analyze their research with more ease and detail.

Within days of obtaining the microscope, The Cure Is Now identified Dr. Stephen Badylak’s lab at The McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine (University of Pittsburgh) as an ideal recipient of the microscope. Dr. Badylak said, “We would be delighted to give the nSpec® a home and make great use of it.”

AnnMarie Nivkor, Executive Director at The Cure Is Now said, “I am so glad that we are able to support such meaningful and important research and I look forward to doing so much more. ”

In line with the mission of the organization, The Cure Is Now is currently exploring collaborative work with research scientists at The University of Pittsburgh who are using the microscope. The Cure Is Now is thrilled to be supporting groundbreaking medical research through this donation to The McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

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For Immediate Release: 

The Cure is Now — Achieving Mission Objectives

3/21/12 – The Cure Is Now is fulfilling its mission by identifying leaders on the edge of medical research. The team recently returned from the annual McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine Retreat where connections were made with over 150 research scientists, professors and doctors. In the image to the left, Dr. J Peter Rubin from the McGowan Institute is pictured with his patient, Sergeant Robert Strang who received stem cell therapy to treat a battle wound. Next to him is The Cure Is Now founder AnnMarie Nivkor and Associate Director of Development, Kimberly Blozie. One of the applications of regenerative medicine is to heal injured soldiers like Sgt. Strang. The Department of Defense as well as The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency are both interested in supporting this kind of research and The Cure Is Now intents to work with both those agencies.

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The Cure Is Now hopes to support many of the doctors they met at the conference as well as researchers on their advisory board such as Dr. Sheila Nirenberg who works on curing blindness and Dr. Aubrey de Grey who works on curing age-related diseases. Doctors on their advisory board hail from institutions such as Harvard, Cambridge and Cornell Universities as well as MIT and others. There are also scientific, television show hosts like Jeff Lieberman, authors such as David Eagleman and business owners such as David Bychkov, CEO of Exmovere Holdings. David has been a great supporter of The Cure Is Now’s work. His research focuses on biosensors that will one day allow vital signs, David Bychkov blood flow and emotional information to be transmitted wirelessly to parents, family members, medical practitioners and databases.

The Cure Is Now works with the brightest minds in research who want to invent, create and then turn those creations into game changing medical products and treatments. Both scientists and patients are looking for a change and The Cure Is Now is here to offer that change. However this is not enough, The Cure Is Now urges participation at all levels. There are many opportunities to volunteer, please reach out. Please spread the word about The Cure Is Now to friends and family. Lastly, The Cure Is Now needs financial support for their exciting projects. Please visit the website to make a tax deductible and secure donation today.