Our Plan

The Cure Is Now has carefully crafted a plan with short, medium & long term goals. The Cure Is Now breaks its mission into 3 primary programs respectively, which include:

Please click on the three tabs below to learn more about each individual program. The first two, Awareness Campaigns and Education Initiatives are designed to inform and energize the public. Imagine the same level of excitement that America embraced in the moon race during the space age, where on a mass scale the nation actively supported president Kennedy’s initiative to put a man on the moon. The Technological Singularity, by comparison, is several orders of magnitude more consequential The public will embrace the technologies arising from The Singularity in a way similar to the way humanity embraced the Internet. The things that technology makes routine today were mere fantasy just 100 years ago. According to Moore’s law, the next 20 years will bring more change then the last 100 years. Beyond that, things will advance even more rapidly.. What our society needs is a “Manhattan Project” scale national imperative.

The Cure Is Now Awareness Campaigns and Education Initiatives will steadfastly show the public that these illusive cures for such miserable diseases will indeed be possible. Through the technologies and their medical applications, The Cure Is Now is fostering, encouraging and developing these treatments.

The second large scale phase of our plan is scientific research. Once the public is aware of why funding for this type of research is a national priority, we would like to help aid in the structuring scientific research and the construction of the worlds most advanced research facility which will serve as an international example for many like research facilities to be built around the globe.

Utilizing the root level approach, The Cure Is Now will educate the general pubic on the emerging and advanced technologies that may contribute to finding cures. Through advertising and other forms of media, The Cure Is Now will generate funding to aid in scientific research, and ultimately construct a world-class research facility, which will pave the way for more sophisticated research facilities throughout the world.