Neuron Level Connectivity


Two-way neuronal connectivity with brain machine interfaces has the potential to treat a variety of illnesses including but not limited to blindness, deafness, effects of strokes, cerebral palsy, memory loss, amputations, and paralysis. Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from these diseases or injuries every year and treatments are slow to develop. Having safe and reliable innovative treatments for these diseases will dramatically affect the lives of many individuals.

Neural connectivity in essence is where man-made sensors can receive and transmit meaningful data to and from neurons. Lots of ground has been gained in this area and single neurons can be tapped with electrodes. Information such as finger, hand and arm movements, the movements involved in walking, and the information involved in sight and hearing can be picked up by sensitive electrodes. Pressure, temperature and texture are able to be transmitted to both peripheral neurons and to the brain. There are complications however and The Cure Is Now is committed to furthering this field by taking the following approach.



In order to be able to communicate at the neuron level, electrodes must be implanted into the nerve tissue. Long term implantation results in an immune response resulting in scar tissue which dulls electrode sensitivity. The Cure Is Now will investigate how to safely down regulate the local immune system during long-term electrode implantation.

Blurry or digitized images can be sent directly to the visual cortex. Simple information such as pressure, temperature and texture can be sent to the brain regarding touch and grip. But all the resolution and vividness of reality is not able to be accurately transmitted. The Cure Is Now will work on better information delivery systems through human/machine interface systems. This can be achieved through better understanding the neural code. Brain mapping and connectome research will also be implemented here to best learn how to transmit and receive signals to the brain. Ultimately, The Cure Is Now aims to cure blindness, deafness, stroke, spinal cord injury, loss of limbs due to injury and/or amputation, memory loss and more.