Programs Summary

The Cure Is Now plans on achieving its Mission through several Programs & Operations. We are utilizing a phased approach where operations are conducted in their most efficient order. The following is a list of some, but not all of our Programs and Operations:

 Our three core programs include:
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Education Initiatives
  • Research Facility
Ancillary Programs include:
  • Community Outreach Vehicle
  • Advocacy 
  • Applied Research
  • Pediatric Research 
Awareness Campaigns:

The Cure Is Now plans to spread awareness and education through various methods, including an interactive, easy to navigate website. Here you can learn all about The Cure Is Now, including what we stand for, where donations go, how to advocate or volunteer, upcoming events, and how to make a charitable donation. We also utilize a mobile Community Outreach Vehicle to travel to various places in America to help spread our messages directly through audio / visual content that is stimulating and aesthetically relevant. Our advertising and marketing programs are bold and unique, designed to target people who might not otherwise interact with traditional media. We have new radio and TV commercials that we will broadcast nationally, to reach a wide population.

We also are creating a music album with an eclectic group of artists dedicated to getting our message out to as many individuals as possible. The album is entitled: “We Are the Cure.” We believe that music is a great marketing medium, and are honored that these artists dedicated their time and love for music to come together and help us reach out.

The Cure Is Now Outreach Program was established to spread information to the public about our diverse awareness projects and initiatives. The Cure Is Now utilizes several approaches for community outreach including: multimedia, films and videos, print material, web-pages, social networking, and our Community Outreach Vehicle (COV).


Education Initiatives:

The Cure Is Now would like to educate the public on our mission and programs. There are many ways this can be accomplished. We feel one of the best ways for the public to really appreciate the severity of the challenge we face is to keep them properly informed. Knowledge is power. We know and understand that not everybody visiting our website and becoming part of the organization’s movement is going to have a technical, scientific, or medical background. However, what the public can understand, the general public can support. That is why it is important to emphasize why we stand out, and why individuals should contribute. Through extensive research, we have learned from scientists and doctors alike, many able to give valuable insight into emerging advanced technologies, specifically: nano/bio/information technologies, and combined cognitive sciences technology. In addition to the conventional, mainstream research methods, we also understand the importance of stem cell research, gene therapy, and most importantly, unknown and emerging methods, which will become the cornerstones of our success.

Our scientists are aware that we need to invent procedures and systems to perform the techniques that aren’t even tangible yet, given today’s technological limitations. For example, doctors recognize the need to create a machine interface that links two ends of a person’s severed spinal cord, so that the person won’t be paralyzed anymore. The device and technology to make that happen doesn’t exist yet, and the importance of funding these ideas is paramount.  Inventions will beget inventions.  This is only the beginning of our potential.

Fortunately, a devastating disease will not personally affect everyone; and education on these matters is vital.  If you share in somebody’s personal story, which brings you face-to-face with the human element, their emotions, the joy of life, as well as their pain & suffering, and the specter of facing death, you appreciate the scenario in a more personal & evocative way than by just reading some statistic. Imagine the power of a population truly inspired – but how do you create that momentum? A great way to educate is through the art of film. We want to make educational movies that will expose diseases and explain the root level approach to a cure. This is an informative way to educate the public at large, and the profits from it would be reinvested into research.


Research Facility:

The Cure Is Now is already planning to fund one of the world’s most advanced research facilities dedicated to eliminating disease as a cause of human suffering and death. We aim to use advanced technological approaches to solving age-old problems through creative thinking, unconventional approaches, in addition to conventional medicine and general science. This will yield the answers for which we have been searching. Think of it in these terms: 500 people working full time in every imaginable discipline, with projects running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are advantages to doing it this way: By having a closely-knit team led by some of the brightest minds in the world, things happen fast. We want to give these brilliant people of today and tomorrow the tools they need to succeed. Our building’s floor plan includes several laboratories. Why is this needed?

  • Running experiments efficiently: if we have to wait a long time to get results back from other labs, it takes longer to make progress.
  • Giving scientists the control they need for accuracy, and making the process less time consuming.
  • Many of the tests are long term and need to be run 24 hours per day, seven days a week. (For example: separating proteins & enzymes, etc…).


Community Outreach Vehicle:

One of our main Awareness Campaigns is going to be our Community Outreach Vehicle. The purpose of it is to bring our message to people in their communities and to disseminate information using non-traditional methods. This mobile office allows us to expand our efforts on a regional, and then national level, and gives our members more access to our staff in the field, by bringing someone directly to you. The vehicle is equipped with space for marketing representatives, where we can hold private and comfortable information sessions. Check back to our website to find out when our COV will be in your area!

The vehicle has been maximized for multi-use applications. We find this a very efficient use of our resources because we are not limited to one geographic area. Rather than investing in several offices, and diverting our program budgets into offices all over the country, we achieve the same results with our COV. This way, we bring ourselves to the communities, rather than waiting for people to seek us out. Our Community Outreach Vehicle will be staffed by one of our outreach specialists.  This project is an effort to make our information available to individuals who would otherwise have difficulty visiting our New York-based Center. The center will be used to provide direct interaction with our members, potential donors, researchers, scientists, doctors, power brokers and other individuals. Help us spread the word.



It is our civic responsibility to ensure that elected officials make it a priority to ensure that everything that can legally be done to help fund research is explored. Ultimately, getting dollars to research facilities, doctors, scientists, and skilled technicians is the goal. They need specific tools, some that haven’t even been invented yet, to get their work done. Disease is a political, medical, social, and economic issue in today’s society. Life and death decisions about disease are made every day, not just in doctor’s offices, but also in Congress and Senate alike. We want lawmakers and lobbyists nationwide to hear loud and clear that curing disease is a top priority of the American people.


Applied Research:

Applied Research is key. We aim to conduct various research operations, based in the New York Metropolitan area as well as nationally. We are currently working with architects, developers, scientists and researchers to create the world’s most advanced research and development center possible. It will be fully equipped and function as a central hub for some of the world’s brightest minds. This means we will have the best equipment, laboratories, tools, and the most talented people working on scientific projects.

There are a number of professionals who are able to help our entity create a working model for applied research. We want to fund scientists and researchers with donations and support by providing them with access to a dedicated laboratory and the various technological needs and equipment to conduct their experiments. Many other research organizations are wasting energy and money, but we are developing specialized software that will help eliminate wasted efforts and bring us closer to discoveries. These new techniques are at the core of our research – and are encapsulated in our “Root Level Approach” to research & development. One day it will be possible to eliminate all disease from the earth, and we have decided to undertake a revolutionary new approach to curing disease by attacking at its “root level” – a way that is not yet being done. In many cases, symptoms are masked, but the underlying root causes of the disorder tend to pervade & persist. We are helping shape and pioneer the technologies that are not yet in existence, to come up with cures that also do not exist – yet. There are several diseases that The Cure is Now research will simultaneously benefit. Only time will tell how many and how fast they will arrive. The more funding we have for scientists, equipment, overhead and materials, the better our odds are.


Pediatric Research:

The Cure is Now Pediatric Research division places a specific emphasis on directing resources and efforts towards the youngest, most innocent, and most vulnerable victims: pediatric patients. Being told ‘you’re 10 year old daughter has cancer’ are seven words that no one wants to hear. How do you explain that to an innocent child, who has yet to live their life? The Cure Is Now is here to help you, and to help make a difference to others. Getting involved with our program is vital, and spreading awareness and education is the first step. Our organization has several programs in place, so that everyone and anyone can get involved and start making a difference. We want to help end misinformation and ignorance. There are many ways to get involved in advancing our Pediatric Research programs. You can volunteer at our organization, you can share your story on our website, you can share our website with your friends and family, you can create an event or participate in one of our own, or you can make a donation.

Most people are in the dark when it comes to understanding what causes cancer, which cancers have a high survival rate, and what technologies hold the key to eradicating cancer, especially pediatric cancer. The Cure Is Now is specifically creating awareness campaigns to inform people of the facts about cancer and its devastating impacts. Scientists and researchers are using cutting edge technologies to find cures. There is a vast array of technologies at our fingertips, and we are more knowledgeable about medicine now more than ever, but still at the beginning of are far from reaching our full potential.