Awareness Campaigns

The Cure Is Now is dedicated to raising awareness about the opportunity that we as a human society have in regards to science and technology.  Breakthroughs in stem cell research, nanotechnology, biochemistry, genetics, neurology and bioengineering often go unnoticed by the public at large. The Cure is Now is dedicated to raising awareness about these discoveries and applications to the general public.

The Cure Is Now utilizes several approaches for community outreach including: “We Are The Cure” benefit album, films, videos, print material, webpages, social networking and our Community Outreach Vehicle (COV).

We Are The Cure

Informational Kiosks and Advertising
The Cure Is Now understands that direct and dynamic, in-person engagement with others is one of the best ways to communicate our mission statement. This is why we place informational kiosks, staffed with trained engagement officers in high-traffic areas.  The engagement officers talk to people about our group, what we do and what our hopes and dreams are.  The kiosks also help augment fundraising efforts.
C.O.V. (Community Outreach Vehicle)
One of our main Awareness Campaigns is our Community Outreach Vehicle. The purpose of the COV is to raise awareness about the role of technology in medicine and to disseminate information using non-traditional methods. This mobile office allows us to expand our efforts on a regional level, and gives people direct access to Cure is Now staff in the field. The vehicle is staffed with marketing representatives where we can hold private and comfortable information sessions. Check back to our website to find out when our COV will be in your area!

The COV is an extremely efficient means of outreach because rather than investing in several offices, and diverting our program budgets into offices all over the country, we achieve the same results with our COV. This way, we bring ourselves to communities rather than waiting for people to seek us out. Help us spread the word.

Here are some pictures (link) of The Cure Is Now‘s outreach vehicles. You can get involved too!  Friends of The Cure Is Now have placed promotional magnets & decals on their cars, motorcycles, – and someone even put it on their moped!
For information on where to get this promotional material – please click here

Hundreds and thousands of people will come into contact with our logo and message. This is a great way to raise awareness about our mission. Commercial advertising (billboards & magazines, etc…) is very expensive. We believe we can accomplish similar results by having our COV graphics on privately owned vehicles, thus allowing more of our advertising money to be put into research. 
If you have pictures of you and your vehicle, we would love for you to submit them in the Share Your Story section (link).

Special Note: Please consult your local DMV for laws regarding vehicle graphics on windows. We cannot offer legal advice, however we are of the opinion that so long as stickers or graphics are not put on the windshield, drivers side front window, or passenger side front window, they are not creating a dangerous and illegal obstruction. The Cure Is Now cannot accept liability for damaged cost to vehicle paint. We recommend putting it on the windows where it can be scraped off with a flat razor.
Print / Word of Mouth

The Cure Is Now has published over a quarter of a million flyers and brochures, just to start that have been distributed to people and small business throughout the New York City Area. The Cure Is Now is a traditional organization that favors word of mouth and direct engagement as well as social media and virtual friendships. It has been our experience that speaking together, in person allows more effective communication to occur and results in lasting friendships and partnerships.