Education Initiatives

The Cure Is Now would like to educate the public on our mission and programs. There are many ways this can be accomplished. We feel one of the best ways for the public to really appreciate the severity of the challenge we face is to keep them properly informed. Knowledge is power. We know and understand that not everybody visiting our website and becoming part of the organization’s movement is going to have a technical, scientific, or medical background. But what the general public can understand, the general public can support. That is why it is important to emphasize why we stand out, and why you should contribute. Through extensive research, we have learned from scientists and doctors alike, many a valuable insight into emerging advanced technologies, specifically: nano/bio/information technologies, and combined cognitive sciences technology. In addition to the conventional, mainstream research methods, we also understand the importance of stem cell research, gene therapy, and most importantly, unknown and emerging methods, which will become the cornerstones of our success.

Our scientists are aware that we need to invent procedures and systems to perform the techniques that aren’t even tangible yet, given today’s technological limitations. For example, doctors know how to create a machine interface that links two ends of a person’s severed spinal cord, so that the person won’t be paralyzed anymore. The device and technology to make that happen doesn’t exist yet, and the importance of funding these ideas is paramount. Inventions will beget inventions. This is only the beginning of our potential.

Because not everyone has been affected personally by a devastating disease, education on these matters is vital. If you share in a story that brings you face-to-face with the human element, the emotions, the joy of life, the pain of suffering, and the specter of facing death, you appreciate the scenario in an entirely different way.

Imagine the power of a population truly inspired – but how to create that momentum? A great way to educate is through the art of film. We want to make educational movies that will expose diseases and explain them. This is an informative way to educate the public at large, and the profits from it would be reinvested into research.

One day it will be possible to eliminate all disease from the earth, and we have decided to undertake a revolutionary new approach to curing disease by attacking at its “root level” – a way that is not being done yet. In many cases, symptoms are masked, but the underlying root causes of the disorder pervade & persist. We are helping shape and pioneer the technologies that are not yet in existence, to come up with cures that also do not exist – yet. There are several diseases that The Cure Is Now research will simultaneously benefit. Only time will tell how many and how fast they will arrive. The more funding we have for scientists, equipment, overhead and materials, the better our odds are. Please Donate now.