Research Programs

The Cure is Now is ultimately committed to supporting groundbreaking research. Although the Awareness Campaigns and Education Initiatives are important, actual research is what lies at the heart of The Cure is Now. We are committed to bring life-saving cures to the public through the development of emerging and advanced technologies that are applied to medical treatments.

The Cure is Now will support research via a three-step process:

  • Phase 1 – Begin funding independent research and establishing a research, leadership & coordination center.
  • Phase 2 – Build and staff small research cells. There will be four to start with: 1.) New York: because it is poised to become a biotechnological hub, and because it is the financial center of the world. 2.) Cambridge, MA: due its role as a key academic center. that which already made the effort to attract many brilliant thinkers. Minds that we will strive to recruit. 3.) Silicon Valley, CA: because it is a leading technology sector incubator. 4.) International Advanced Research Facility: will operate “overseas”, specifically so that it can legally, morally & ethically operate outside of several draconian political agendas and other practical restrictions, while respecting human rights and human life.
  • Phase 3 – Build, staff and manage a world-class research facility in New York City, firstly because New York is a strategically beneficial location and secondly because of the continued initiatives to establish New York as a biotechnological hub with advantages that only New York City can offer. Ancillary facilities that are not required to be at a central city hub will be located in less expensive areas. Guided by our research methodology, our lead scientists will work toward novel treatments and medicines to help us live longer, healthy lives.