Brain Mapping

Russell HansonBetter personalized medicine treatments for cancer and cancer immunotherapy vaccines

Many diseases, be they genetic or acquired are directly related to, or have regulatory mechanisms that are tied to the brain. Russell Hanson is primarily concerned with understanding the brain to better map therapies and treatments to it. His 1 year plan is to finish determining HLA types for mutation driven cancers. His 3 – 5 year plan is to conduct genotyping experiments for immunotherapy treatments and to develop better models for vasculature in neuronal/brain tissues. Additionally his goals are to conduct further research on genotyping of disease tissues and to work on human-scale brain mapping.

Russell will require up to 10 post doc level scientists working with him.

Costs: Between $500,000 and $1,000,000 per year.

Rapid Individual and Team DevelopmentRapid Individual and Team Development

Current methods for self development might include psychotherapy, spiritual work, meditation. These have worked well, but there is room for increased efficiency and speed. Similarly, the field of organization behavior and organizational development has seen some improvements in recent years, but here too, there is room for improvement. Geoff Anders and his team at Leverage Research are researching some novel ways to enhance and catalyze human evolution. Leverage Research currently includes mind mapping, memetics, intelligence amplification, sociological modeling, science acceleration and artificial intelligence.

Costs: $5,000,000 over the next 3 years.

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