Research Methodology

The Cure Is Now has a broad and ambitious goal of discovering cures for acquired, congenital and developmental diseases. We will achieve this through focusing our efforts on research that drills down to the root level via these four research approaches:

  • Curiosity Driven Research
    • The Cure is Now will fund scientific investigators and their teams who are called to research aspects of disease pathology, biological systems, or biotechnological mechanisms. This type of research will yield enhanced understanding, deepened knowledge, unpredictable, long term, and widely-dispersed social and medical benefit.
  • Applied Research 
    • Research funded by The Cure Is Now will lead to direct medical applications such as enhanced treatments, targeted gene therapy, technology-based solutions and more.
  • Synergistic Research
    • This unique kind of research will be aimed at linking and connecting different kinds of science and technology. For example, how can stem-cell research be connected with brain-machine interface technology or how can nanotechnology be employed in Alzheimer’s research? TCiN will be the lines in between the dots. These kinds of questions will be answered by scientists at The Cure Is Now. 
  • Not-yet-known Research
    • The Cure Is Now understands that the kind of research it will support undoubtedly will lead to entirely new fields and forms of research. The Cure Is Now will selectively support these as well.