Board Of Directors


Dr. Kasia J.Przechodzka PhD, MS, CSCS

Dr. Kasia J. Przechodzka holds a double Masters from Columbia University in Clinical Nutrition and Applied Physiology where she graduated with the highest honors, Summa Cum Laude. She completed advanced clinical training in integrative and naturopathic medicine and received her doctorate degree in nutrition. She is the owner and founder of The Optimal Physique, where she conducts extensive research and develops Medical Nutrition Programs for difficult to treat diseases such as advanced metastatic cancers, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, CFS/MCS, fibromyalgia, Autism, complicated autoimmune conditions, digestive and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, SIBO, treatment resistant depression/anxiety, ADD/ADHD, thyroid and hormone disorders and many more. Her detailed, comprehensive analysis often uncovers the missing links to untreatable chronic illnesses and she is sought after for her expertise worldwide. In conjunction with her extensive research and medical background, Dr. Przechodzka also specializes in developing advanced Clinical Nutrition Programs for professional and Olympic athletes including UFC fighters, NBA players, professional boxers, national fitness competitors and celebrities all across the country. Dr. Przechodzka is a national fitness competitor herself and was awarded the Best Spokesperson at the 2001 New York Ms. Fitness America Pageant Competition.

Dr. Przechodzka is currently the Clinical Director at Executive Park Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in New York and co-founder and Clinical Director of Nutrition of the My Body Program. She is also a Medical Nutrition Expert for several world renowned companies such as Isagenix International, which has given her the opportunity to empower medical professionals and provide unrivaled clinical nutrition support internationally. As a leading clinician in her field, Dr. Przechodzka has conducted extensive research on the prevention and treatment of advanced metastatic cancer. She has also been the principal researcher in clinical studies examining the effects of methylxanthines on athletic performance. Dr. Przechodzka is a certified member of the United States Olympic Committee, USA Wrestling and USA Weightlifting Federation, American Dietetic Association, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and International Sports and Conditioning Association. Dr. Przechodzka is also certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and from the American Council on Exercise. She holds the top position on the Board of Directors of The Cure is Now, a national organization dedicated to eradicating acquired, congenital, and developmental diseases by managing advanced programs designed to further scientific research and development.


Yusef Brodsky

Yusef Brodsky is fulfilling his dream of helping and coaching people to a healthier way of living and helping the community to avoid getting a horrible disease. He has dedicated his life to health and well-being, and to the prevention of getting diseases in the first place.

Yusef had a terrible tragedy in his life, which inspired him to help others. When he was only 12 years old, his mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was a terminal patient for approximately 2 years, ending up in a hospice where she died. Soon after, Yusef also lost his father and essentially became an orphan. “It was very hard for me to watch my mom gradually pass away, struggling with ovarian cancer and its horrors.”

Brodsky was born in Jerusalem, Israel. After he completed high school he served in the Israeli Army for 3 years, working in Intelligence. He was responsible for infiltration units – a very technical job. After being honorably discharged from the military, he traveled throughout Europe and realized he wanted to pursue the American Dream -so he relocated his residence to America where he attended Westchester Community College. He majored in American literature, Kinesiology, and Physical Science. Brodsky has 10 years of experience as a health coach, personal trainer and physical trainer, teaching people to make better choices which will result in wellness, good health, and a better way of living.

One of Yusef’s endeavors is to see cancer become extinct. He likes the idea of treating it as extinct – not just cured. He has dedicated his life to health and well being, and wished to prevent people from getting cancer in the first place. With a proactive approach he strives to educate the public and increase their awareness about how they can take action to minimize their risk of getting cancer and other diseases through a healthier way of living. As a board member of The Cure Is Now, his area of specialization is to save people from ending up as victims -while they still can! “We have the ability to significantly minimize the risk and take preventative actions,” says Yusef. Yusev Brodsky plans on helping The Cure Is Now reach its goals in any way possible.

Lily Dupart

Lily Dupart

Lily was born in Ecuador, South America, but has lived in the US for ten years. She currently lives in Indiana, and went to La Guardia Community College, then transferred to Ball State University. She plans to go back to college next year to get her MBA. Right now she works at Cradles Daycare as a part time substitute teacher, but looks forward to becoming a full time teacher next year. Lily used to volunteer at the county jail and a local nursing home from 1986 to 1989. She decided to get involved with The Cure Is Now, because when Lily was fifteen years old, her mom was diagnosed with a tumor on her ovaries. She had to get surgery right away to remove her tumor. The doctor told the family if she had waited even a year longer, the tumor would have turned into cancer cells. Since that day Lily has been so thankful to God for giving her mom another chance to live, and would love to extend that feeling of given a second chance on to many other people affected by disease.

Grethel Hoozky

Grethel Hoozky

Grethel Hoozky was born in 1980 in Nicaragua. She received her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Bay Path College in Longmeadow, Massachusetts in 2002, where she studied liberal arts and psychology. She works for Capital Contractors in Melville, NY.

Grethel is no stranger to adversity; she has lost loved ones to cancer and heart disease. Her husband Jose suffers from an abnormal liver, and Grethel’s mother-in-law passed away from heart failure. Grethel has decided to take on the challenge of helping others avoid the pain of loss or disease. She constantly advocates for good health, exercise, and well-being.


AnnMarie Nivkor

Chairman, Board Of Directors

Vision. That is Ms. Nivkor’s daily maxim. If she has learned anything from her hard work it is that she has learned to listen to the experts, and then lead. Ms. Nivkor has spent the past several years building a network of people that are great at what they do. She focuses the energy and resources from a diverse group of skill sets, from legal to scientific, to media and marketing, one thing hasn’t changed – a sharp focus on a common goal. That goal is doing what is necessary to find the cures, and doing that now. Not tomorrow, not when it’s convenient, not when legislation is cooperative, not when it’s financially comfortable, but now. Not being distracted by the things that could allow the scope and focus of what needs to be done from contaminating the vision is Ms. Nivkor’s strong point. Ms. Nivkor oversees and directs this organization so that every person has a voice and that those voices in unison work together to achieve the common goal – researching to find cures. She has learned how to make the word “efficiency” mean something. Frugality, elimination of waste, non duplication, and synergy come together under her auspices. Ms. Nivkor doesn’t care that what she is doing is incredibly difficult, she is going to do it no matter what it takes.