Board Of Ethics

The Cure Is Now‘s Board of Ethics is in place to maintain the highest ethical standards possible at our organization. Integrity, clarity and diligence are our core staples. The Board was assembled to monitor activities, to receive complaints concerning alleged unethical conduct by a staff member or employee from any person or entity, and to make inquires into the circumstances surrounding the alleged unethical conduct.

The Board is prepared to take action concerning individual cases whose activities have been investigated. The Board also initiates investigations of practices that could affect ethical conduct of a staff member or employee. The Board issues advisory opinions upon the request of an Organization Director, or their superior, relating to matters affecting ethical conduct of a staff member or employee.

The review, consideration and recommended appropriate actions are then taken under advisement by senior management. The Board refers legal decisions to our legal counsel. If you have any legal questions, please feel free to contact our legal department.


Hank Pellissier

Hank Pellissier is the Managing Director of the Institute for Ethics in Emerging Technology (, a techno-progressive think tank. He’s a prolific writer of futurist and educational articles for IEET, the World Future Society, hplusmagazine, and (occasionally under the pseudonym, “Hank Hyena”) He’s also been a columnist for (“Naked World”) and the NY Times, San Francisco edition (“Local Intelligence”.) He’s also authored two e-books, Invent Utopia Now: Transhumanist Suggestions for the Pre-Singularity Era and Why is the IQ of Ashkenazi Jews so High? science-proven factors that influence intelligence (due out in 2012).


Carolina Vasquez

Carolina Vasquez is the executive secretary of the Board of Ethics. Ms. Vasquez presides over the Board and considers all ethical matters and presents them to the Board for review. It is her job to clearly interpret and govern over issues presented to the Board. Additionally, she prevents conflicts of interest, even within The Board of Ethics itself. A typical Ethic’s meeting utilizes Robert’s Rules of Order which includes all members of the Board and other relevant parties, gives interested parties a chance to speak, then evaluates and decides issues. This ruling is then provided directly to The Board of Directors with recommended measures and actions for the appropriate organizational authority.

For additional information regarding the practices and procedures of The Cure Is Now, Board of Ethics, and/or to obtain a complaint form please contact:

Phone: 1-800-CURE-NOW

Johanna Vazquez

Johanna Vazquez is a proud member of The Cure Is Now‘s Board of Ethics. She originally hails from Merida, Venezuela where she studied business administration, and currently resides in Greenwich, Connecticut. Johanna Vazquez’s role on The Board is to act in an advisory capacity to ensure that each individual, employee, or appointee, paid or unpaid, and either full or part-time, is governed by a strict Code of Ethics. The purpose of the Board of Ethics is to foster integrity, promote public confidence, and help organization officers and employees to carry out their official duties without fear of unwarranted accusation of unethical conduct. Ms. Vazquez is to ensure all organization officers and employees will be impartial as well as accountable for their actions. The Board of Ethics shall have the authority to render advisory findings as to the application of Standards of Conduct at any time at the request of an official at The Cure Is Now. On behalf of The Board of Ethics, Ms. Vazquez shall have the authority to obtain documents needed to investigate complaints. Thus, all decisions and conclusions will go to a vote from The Board of Ethics to decide what course of action will be taken. Johanna looks forward to working with The Board and putting her skill sets to good use.

Miroslava Rosado

Miroslava Rosado was born in Queens, NY, and was brought up in the Bronx, NY. Miroslava grew up fast, and life was hard, and is the proud parent a daughter. Miroslava was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia, a precursor of cervix cancer. She has had 3 cone biopsies, numerous surgeries on her cervix, and must undergo pap smears every 3-6 months. Luckily, Miroslava has been doing well despite her diagnosis. She was awarded an Associate Degree in paralegal law, and for the last eight years has been working for Winston B. Rouse, a federal legal prosecution firm. Miroslava is continuing her studies in law, majoring in political science and legal studies at LaGuardia College. Miroslava’s love of law, and empathy for other people’s diseases is what motivated her into charity work, and brought her to The Cure Is Now. Miroslava has seen many people she knew die from cancer, including a friend who lost her battle to Breast Cancer, and her sister, who died of Pancreatic Cancer. On a cure for cancer in her lifetime, as well as current treatments and charities; Miroslava states: “I think that more can be done. Part of the process is hope and willingness to survive. The time for a cure is now!”