Chief Science Advisor

The Chief Science Advisor represents The Cure is Now to the scientific community. Helping The Cure is Now navigate scientific communities, technical language, and research opportunities, The Chief Science Advisor plays a critical role in the growth and development of The Cure is Now’s research programs. The Chief Science Advisor’s primary functions are to:

  • Effectively represent The Cure is Now to the scientific community
  • Advise The Cure is Now on critical, scientific decisions
  • Cohere to The Cure is Now’s scientific constituents, aggregate common ideas and support mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Deliver important science-related news and potential opportunities to The Cure is Now

The Science Advisor and the Science Advisory Board (SAB) for The Cure is Now® (TCIN) provide strategic guidance and direction for the organization, with a particular focus on the research and scientific programs. In addition, the Science Advisor and Science Advisory Board play a key role in guiding and prioritizing TCIN’s global research initiative and investment. The SAB also serves as the executive committee of the TCIN researchers.

The SAB is led by the Chief Science Advisor and will be comprised of leaders in various fields of research, clinical practice and advocacy who have made significant contributions in science and are committed to furthering the mission of our organization.

The Cure is Now is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to provide awareness, help educate and accelerate the discovery and development of therapeutics for the prevention, treatment and potential cure of various diseases. The funds raised by TCIN will be used to help support research on radically advanced and emerging technologies that will result in the identification of potential target and therapeutics for diseases. Applications will be solicited from outstanding scientists, reviewed and the SAB will select meritorious applications to fund to help support the goals of the organization.

In addition, the goal of TCIN is to raise funds to establish a world class research facility and to recruit exceptional researchers to help understand the mechanisms of disease and develop potential therapeutic approaches.


The most effective way to help TCIN achieve its goals would be to provide a donation to the general research fund of the organization.