The Cure Is Now
strives to do only the best when it comes to fulfilling our mission statement. Over the course of several years The Cure Is Now has accumulated a list of accomplishments:

1.) Donated a $97,000 microscope to the McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.
2.) Obtained a $1.5 Million AdWords donation from Google Inc. to help with our awareness campaigns and education initiatives.
3.) Currently is operating an awareness campaign in the New York City metropolitan area with over 11,500 locations where The Cure Is Now’s message and information can easily be found.
4.) Has a Community Outreach Vehicle (COV), which allows members and volunteers of our organization to reach more people in the community, raise awareness about the role of technology in medicine and to disseminate information using non-traditional methods.
5.) Is currently working on a celebrity album, which will help raise awareness as well as funds for planned expenses, such as laboratory equipment.
6.) Works closely with leaders of the scientific community such as Dr. Aubrey de Grey (Regenerative Medicine) and Russell Hanson (Brain Mapping).
7.) Produced and released television commercials in an effort to raise public awareness about our organization.
8.) Sponsored the Advanced Neural Biosciences Symposium in Manhattan.

Alcor NY Symposium