“Elevator Pitch”

The Cure Is Now is developing new treatments for diseases using emerging and advanced technologies.

Why do we need The Cure Is Now?

The Cure Is Now is a science and technology advocacy and research organization. Our goal is to apply new technologies to a variety of medical needs. One of our many programs is to develop, adapt and converge disparate and emerging technologies in brilliant and innovative ways that result in breakthrough medical solutions. There is a social routine where unfortunate friends and relatives of disease stricken loved ones rally around a cause centered at “stamping out” or “beating a disease.” The Cure Is Now additionally believes in how something called the Technological Singularity will yield new science that will give us the tools to eliminate many diseases.

We are not so bold as to think that we can solely tackle all of the diseases in the world, when thousands of such organizations have failed to do so collectively – it is precisely the opposite. We are the only medical research & advocacy organization with specific programs that are developing the technologies that other organizations will be able to utilize to achieve their individual missions. Just like small pox and polio were eradicated because of technological advancements, other diseases will eventually be eliminated too. The Cure Is Now admires and respects the efforts of the multitude of non-governmental organizations and charities, which support and rally the victims and associates of whatever particular disease has affected their lives. We also don’t believe there is an urgent need for yet another cancer, AIDS or similar type of charity pop up, because the many thousands of organizations that are currently out there do more than enough to address the issues that they are focused on.

The Cure is Now does not believe in duplicating the efforts of these fine, world-class institutions. That is why The Cure Is Now is an established leader in applying groundbreaking and “Singularity Technologies” to the medical field. No other organization matches our programs and operations, nor offers the unique solutions we do. This is not because others haven’t wanted to find cures. What makes The Cure is Now’s situation is different in that breakthrough technological opportunities are just now unfolding before us, and the next several years ahead will be the fulcrum where a fundamental paradigm shift occurs and The Cure is Now will take advantage of this.

For example, imagine the world many hundreds of years from now, where mankind has become sufficiently advanced and a great number of human ailments and diseases have been eliminated via technology-based cures. Many of today’s epidemics like cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer’s disease will be treated with nothing more than a routine trip to the doctor’s office.

This website offers very clear, detailed and unambiguous information including specifics on our plan and the details of programs that will be utilized to achieve the goal in our mission statement: the elimination of disease through technology. We Need The Cures, The Time Is Now, The Cure Is Now!