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Hello, if this is your first time here this page will help guide you through properly informing yourself about The Cure Is Now and how to best interact with this Website and our charity. The site is broken down into various sections and we encourage you to please read through as much of it as possible. This will answer the majority of your questions.

The driving forces behind The Cure Is Now are the realization of something known as the technological singularity.  There is an event that will change the world more so than major breakthroughs like the Internet, industrialization, democracy, flight, or other paradigm shifting social evolutions. This event known as the technological singularity will bring forth changes for human kind that will address some of our most fundamental needs in ways that have never been before possible. The Cure Is Now is an organization made up of individuals, as well as supporters who realize that these technologies will greatly impact medicine. Research has shown that several groups of thus far so called “incurable” diseases can be potentially addressed in ways that have never before been conceived of. Today The Cure Is Now seeks to address the very concept of attacking these diseases with several new emerging & speculative technologies. So if you’re looking for an explanation as to why The Cure Is Now does not target one simple disease but rather several of them, it is precisely because we feel that the way to cure a disease is not necessarily through the conventional pharmaceutical and medical methods used thus far. Rather, a whole slew of new and radically advanced technologies will be converged & applied in order to invent new methods of finding cures. The Cure Is Now subscribes to what we call” “The root level approach.” The root level approach quite simply states that a convergence of several new technologies of “singularity evolved” advanced technology will address the hurdles in thus far incurable diseases.

These technologies include:

In conclusion The Cure Is Now is not tackling the insurmountable problem of trying to simultaneously find the cures to roughly 2 dozen incurable diseases. Rather it is advocating for the education of the public on the benefits that research into the above fields will benefit. The Cure Is Now will be instrumental in causing both public and private institutions to apply these technologies in their infancy stages to finding solutions to these diseases. That is why you are here at this exact moment reading this. The next step for you is to become informed. We want you to become entirely familiar with what the cure is now is doing, so please read through the following links.

Ultimately, our objective is to expand internationally and help guide the application of the singularity, which we believe will have many wonderful benefits to medicine. This will take money and we ask that you Donate Now.

First Time Here?