Founder’s Message

Hello. My name is AnnMarie Nivkor. There are generally 2 main reasons why people get involved with medical research. First, because of a personal experience where they themselves, a family member, or a friend, has been afflicted with a chronic disease, or second, because they realize we have the technology right in front of us to rid the world of many diseases forever. Both of these reasons are why I founded The Cure Is Now. I feel that with a grassroots approach to networking, funding, and research, we can move forward and make history of many of these diseases that plague us. ……

Social Networking will be used to reach out to those affected directly and indirectly by disease such as cancer or AIDS. The average person’s phone has between 50 – 70 contacts. If a loved one develops cancer and you reach out to those contacts in your phone, or even the contacts on your Facebook page or email address book, these people are more likely to donate to the cause, and then they will contact the people they know, and before you know it you have a ripple effect. In today’s technological world it is effortless to contact someone, which is something we need to take advantage of in our awareness and education campaigns. The strongest connections are made through direct interaction. In an effort to show individuals that these illnesses can effect their own lives, The Cure Is Now is taking a street level and personal interaction program based on individual needs, thus creating small social connections within communities which will soon add up to large numbers.

AnnMarie Nivkor
Executive Director
The Cure Is Now