Scientific Social Change

We need to enhance and augment the ways that medical research is funded. We advocate for the redistribution of scientific financing in general. A balance between personal achievement and working towards collective benefit must be struck. People are powerfully motivated by self-interest, as they are by working towards a greater good. The Cure is Now seeks to combine and harness these motives. Academic scientists may define success as a large number of research publications, patents or awards. Patients may define success as increased wellbeing, or life span. Governments define success as a safe, healthy, productive society that works. The pharmaceutical industry defines success as increased profits. All of these preceding models represent the status quo and this is what The Cure is Now seeks to augment. The Cure is Now would like to act as a catalyzing agent causing a fundamental paradigm shift in the way scientific research is funded. We believe that “Scientific Social Change” needs to occur via the directing of substantial, transformative financial support to those scientists who are traditionally underfunded. There are a number of scientists creating breakthroughs in fields that are just emerging. Traditional models for how these scientists are funded force them to spend what seems like the majority of their career just to be in a position do to the work. We want to give these scientists a tremendous opportunity. We believe these scientists hold the key to scientific discoveries that will enable mankind to create the technologies that will translate into treatments and cures for everyone. We have several programs enacted to reach that end. You can support us by donating now.