Risk Management

Existential Risk ManagementThe Cure Is Now understands that the kinds of technology we support have the potential to be game changing.  Research areas such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, brain-machine interfaces and regenerative medicine are in their infancy in terms of what may be possible in but a few years.  A new era of human health, potential and capability seems inevitable when contemplating Moore’s law; technological advancement and quantum computing for example. The Cure Is Now is an organization that was founded upon a love of life and humanity. AnnMarie Nivkor founded The Cure Is Now with the intention to cure diseases and to save and preserve human life. The Cure Is Now firmly upholds humanitarian values, morals, and abides by a firm code of ethics. The organization is committed to responsible research while simultaneously ushering in an unthinkably positive paradigm shift in medical research and as such, stands behind the following promises:

  • The Cure Is Now promises to never put individuals, groups of people or our culture as a whole in danger due to the kinds of technology we work with.
  • The Cure Is Now will only support research whose benefit to humanity outweighs the risks
  • The Cure Is Now will only support research that clearly uplifts, enhances and augments our humanity.

The Cure Is Now’s mission is to cure diseases through emerging and advanced technology and that is what we are committed to do.* The Cure Is Now takes safety and risk seriously and we have chosen to partner with the following organizations:

* Ethics has been and always will be a hotly debated topic. The Cure is Now firmly stands behind these statements. However, the opinions expressed above are those of The Cure Is Now and not necessarily of the partner organizations.